Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers understands the growing importance of environment and planning considerations for many commercial projects. We provide invaluable advice to our clients on issues that have impact for it many years to come.

Environment and planning considerations are an area of growing emphasis as regulations tighten, awareness of climate change issues grows and greater focus is placed upon corporate social responsibility. Planning and environmental considerations are imperative to the success of many commercial projects particularly as planning authorities endeavour to efficiently shape urban and regional development.

Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers understands the importance of these issues and are experienced in providing practical and commercial advice to our clients. Our knowledge spans across environmental planning, climate change law, defending pollution prosecutions, developing strategies for contaminated land or risk management issues, allowing us to provide invaluable advice to your business on issues that will impact for it many years to come.

Environmental law

Environmental awareness and regulation are growing rapidly and consideration of issues related to these areas will remain imperative to businesses for years to come. Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers pride ourselves on our experience and up to date expertise in Environment & Planning area of law and have the knowledge to safeguard your business as it develops into the future. We can assist you or your business with negotiating and obtaining planning and environmental approvals, the sale and purchase of contaminated sites, and negotiating with the Environment Protection Agency regarding the regulation of contaminated land.

Our expertise in this area covers:

  • Contaminated land and remediation law
  • Environmental planning
  • Climate change law and regulation
  • Environmental liability training
  • Environmental legal risk management
  • Pollution law
  • Advising in cases of environmental disputes
  • Developing environmental management systems


Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers provide legal and strategic advice in all areas of property and infrastructure development. We have earned a reputation for being able to manage large-scale and highly technical legal projects, and with our expertise in planning and environmental assessment processes, we can advise you on how to best secure the necessary planning and development approvals for your project, no matter the scale.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, and we can assist you by:

  • Providing advice on issues of land use zoning and re-zoning
  • Providing advice regarding mining law and how to procure approvals related to mining
  • Assisting you to secure development consents and major project approvals 
  • Providing planning and strategy for disputes and litigation
  • Assisting you to obtain environmental and regulatory approvals
  • Assisting with issues of native title
  • Advising on issues regarding contaminated land 
  • Advising on issues of liquor licensing and gaming
  • Assisting you in defending environmental prosecutions 
  • Advising you regarding risk and liability management during regulatory enforcement actions 
  • Advising with regard to resumptions, compensation and valuation of land.