Through the course of providing legal services to our clients, as well as marketing and running our business Mahons Lawyers is required to collect, use and disclose information of a personal nature relating to various people. We understand the importance of privacy to our clients, and are dedicated to protecting their personal information through our commitment to complying with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained within the Privacy Act 1998. This Privacy Policy is the basis for how Mahons Lawyers website manages your information, including collection, use and disclosure.

Collection of Information

Mahons may collect and store relevant personal information about you through the course of providing services to you or someone else you know. This information would usually be obtained directly from you verbally or via correspondence, though there may be some circumstances where information is collected indirectly due to it being impractical to obtain the information from you directly. In such circumstances you will generally be notified beforehand, or as soon as is reasonably possible if that is not achievable.
This information may include your;
·       name
·       gender
·       telephone and facsimile numbers
·       email address
·       bank account details
·       location and nature of business
·       or other information essential to the services we provide.
If you are not comfortable with providing us with personal information that we request, the primary consequence is that we may not be able to assist or communicate with you.

Use of Information

Mahons may use your personal information for the following reasons;
·         Providing you or somebody you know with legal services
·         Providing you with information which is relevant to your area of business
·         Fulfilling any legal obligations arising from our business operations
·         Providing you with information regarding other services which we can provide which we believe may be of   benefit to you
·         For facilitating various internal business operations such as customer satisfaction reviews, for the purpose of improving our services

Disclosure of Information

Mahons will never sell or trade your personal information with third parties, and generally will not disclose your information outside of our business. Exceptions to this are for providing necessary information for external service providers who work in conjunction with our business (for example, providers of research and consultancy services to aid us in helping our clients) and when we are legally obliged to disclose information.
Mahons is committed to protecting your information and only engages external service providers who share this commitment and follow the NPPs. Agreements are made beforehand which authorise the use of your information to strictly limited circumstances.

Security of your information

Mahons commitment to protecting your personal information is demonstrated by our use of current technology for securing both our premises and electronic records. Sophisticated network security and antivirus measures are in place to protect your information from foreign attacks. Our offices are secure and all staff are subject to confidentiality obligations and bound by operating procedures which greatly reduce any risks to the security of non-electronic forms of your personal information stored on site.

Accessing your information

If you wish to view any personal information of yours being held by Mahons this is generally possible following the submission of a written request, unless there is a specific reason why we are not required to do so under the Privacy Act. In such circumstances you will be informed of the exact reasons why information has been withheld.
Requests for access are processed by Mahons in a timely manner and may also incur a reasonable fee.
If you believe the information held by Mahons is out of date and would like to update it, please contact us to do so.