Tim Whitehead is an accredited mediator and is available to conduct mediations at our Blackburn office and  throughout Victoria.

Tim is an accredited specialist in commercial litigation and  has 19 years’ experience in dealing with employment disputes, business issues and family disputes.  Tim is available to mediate disputes where legal proceedings have been  issued., or to provide this service to parties who would prefer to resolve their disputes before lawyers and Courts become involved, and before allparties incur substantial legal bills.

Our aim in any mediation is to help you to find an acceptable, “win-win” solution that satisfies all parties’ needs.  In our experience, our customers are always much happier when they can solve their problems as part of a process that they control, instead ofhaving a Court impose a solution on them.  Mediation allows everyone involved to be heard and to address their real concerns.  

Finding a solution through mediation can also help you to preserve and repair important business and personal relationships and to get back to running your business without the shadow of legal proceedings hanging over you for months or years into the future.

To help give parties the best chance of resolving their problems, we offer:

  • A fixed daily rate, whether your mediation finishes at 5.00pm or midnight
  • No extra charges for preparation, discussion by phone before mediation, or follow up calls after the mediation ends
  • Use of our mediation rooms at no extra cost

To find out more, or to make a booking, please call Tim on (03) 8877 6820