Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers understands that the computer and technology field is essential to modern business, but it is also an area of rapid change. We are committed to staying up to date in all matters of computer & technology law.

All businesses need to consider technology and intellectual property issues, not just those in the area of technology. The computer and technology field have become inevitably the vital element to the success of most of modern businesses. However, it is an area of rapid change. Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers understands this and committed to staying up to date in all matters of computer and technology law, allowing us to provide relevant legal advice which is essential to our clients businesses, no matter the level of technology involved.

Burgeoning technologies and ever changing regulations lead to rapid and fundamental changes in technology and communication which have strong impacts on the way we do business around the world. The internet is an amazing tool for connecting businesses to their customers, but it is also a hazardous environment, and it is imperative that businesses are aware of the unique issues in this area. Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers understands the multi-jurisdictional legal issues faced by our clients and can provide solutions. We have acted for entrepreneurs, researchers, and e-commerce and internet based companies across a range of industries.

As technology projects often require legal services across a broad range of areas, Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers ensures our computer and technology team is supported by the firms experience and expertise in other areas such as banking and corporate law, litigation and taxation law.

We have experience in providing advice across a wide spectrum of industries, including information technology, private enterprise, media and publishing, energy, manufacturing, mining, transport, health and medical services and insurance. We can assist both existing businesses that are looking to evolve through the adoption of new technology as well as fledgling technology start-ups.

  • Terms and conditions of use for websites
  • Internet and e-commerce transactions
  • Online business and consumer transactions
  • Intellectual property protection in the area of IT & technology
  • Non-disclosure, confidentiality and privacy contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Online gaming and competitions
  • Email and internet policies
  • Media storage and escrow agreements
  • Technology acquisition and implementation contracts
  • Software and hardware development contracts
  • Web development and maintenance contracts
  • Licensing and commercialisation
  • Technology joint ventures, teaming agreements and partnerships.
  • IT tenders, contracts and due diligence
  • Distribution, manufacturing and supply contracts
  • Disputes regarding domain names