Experienced and Capable Commercial Lawyers for Melbourne Businesses

Our commercial & business lawyers are business minded & solution driven people who think outside the box, turning complexity into simplicity. Our lawyers help you to establish, structure, grow & protect your business

The Australian corporate and business environment is one that is subject to heavy regulation and it is vital that businesses can successfully navigate through the complex web of legal requirements. Serious consequences may exist for businesses which fail to comply with these requirements, as well as their directors and shareholders, which may extend beyond the realm of civil law.

When your business is operating in such a complex setting, it is invaluable to seek advices from business minded lawyers who know the law intimately and provide constant guidance.

Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers has many decades of experience dealing in commercial matters central to both large and small businesses. We help clients across a wide range of businesses and a diverse selection of industry segments.

Get advice from successful commercial lawyers in Blackburn, Box Hill, and Doncaster

Mahons with Yuncken and Yuncken Lawyers has been providing to its large amount of business clientele highly competent & innovative advice and managed legal strategies that give them a commercial edge in the highly competitive and busy modern business world.

We are also committed to getting to know your business and how it operates so that we can provide tailored advice to you regarding these complex legal requirements. By analysing the commercial goals of our clients we are able to quickly provide successful strategies which are also innovative and cost-effective. Important issues such as corporate structuring and business planning are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Our Commercial & Business Law team can assist you to identify and minimise the risks facing your business, as well as recognize any unrealised opportunities for improvement which may exist.

Mahons with Yuncken & Yuncken Lawyers are always there as your business partner, helping your business well guarded, succeeded and viable for the years to come.   

Our commercial & business law services include:

  • Insurance advice
  • Joint ventures
  • Licensing
  • Lease
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Partnership agreements
  • Personal property securities (PPSA)
  • Sales & purchases of business & assets
  • Shareholder's agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Trade practices issues
  • Trademarks & IP
  • Trusts
  • Agreements & contracts
  • Asset protection
  • Business structuring
  • Commercial litigation & dispute resolutions
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Corporations law
  • Copyrights
  • Debt recovery
  • Director's duties & obligations
  • Franchises
  • Industrial relations
  • Insolvency